About The Masterclass

When: February 12th – 16th

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm EST

Where: Online

This masterclass offers practical wisdom and heightened self-awareness to empower your personal life and leadership abilities. You’ll gain tools to face life’s challenges with greater optimism and self-management. Each 90-minute interactive session focuses on building resilience, embracing uniqueness, and confident self-expression through real-life scenarios and discussions. After this five day experience, you’ll leave feeling even more confident and capable to take on life challenges and lead with bold authenticity.


Day 1 – What Do You Mean? I’m Self-Aware!

Think you know yourself inside and out? Let’s chat. During this straight-talk 90-minute session, I’ll convince you that even the most self-aware among us have some blind spots to uncover. Through fun activities, raw reflections, and straight-up discussions, we’ll poke around those hidden inner crannies together. Let’s get honest about what makes you tick, where your tender spots are, and what you tell yourself that helps or harms your growth. My personal story may surprise you. But by the end, you’ll walk away feeling more confident, self-possessed, and keyed into your unique inner compass. Armed with new self-care tools and journaling tricks, you can nurture deeper self-knowledge every day. Expect a few lightbulb moments as we build our emotional intelligence TOGETHER.

Day 2 – Gotta Be Optimistic to be Resilient

When life throws you curveballs, do you feel like you have to just suck it up and soldier on? I used to tell myself to toughen up whenever challenges came my way. But eventually, I realized I had it all wrong! Turns out, optimism is key to building resilience during rough times. So, in this straight-talk 90-minute session, we’ll share stories about overcoming obstacles AND bust myths about why looking on the bright side matters. Expect to get real about what holds you back from feeling hopeful. We’ll put our heads together to brainstorm small mindset shifts that help you cope when the going gets tough. Leave armed with everyday tricks to nurture positivity and feel more confident, centered, and resilient, whatever comes your way next.

Day 3 – Self-Acceptance is a thing

You know self-care. But what about self-acceptance? Join our lively 90-minute session to transform your relationship with YOU. Through real talk, thoughtful reflection, and simple yet powerful exercises, we’ll explore what self-acceptance means and how to make it a daily practice. Gain insights into self-judgment, learn to celebrate your uniqueness, and walk away with tools to speak kindly to yourself (yes, even on the bad days). This workshop keeps it real while offering inspiration, wisdom, and a community united by the desire to ditch criticism for compassion. Because self-acceptance isn’t selfish – it simply lets our best self-shine through. You ARE enough – let’s lean into that!

Day 4 – Be Bold, I Dare You!

Want to live more boldly and authentically, but aren’t sure where to start? Join me for this straight-talk 90-minute session! Together, we’ll chat about what it really means to be bold and real in a world afraid of people who express themselves freely. We’ll share stories and empower each other with some judgment-free truth-telling. Expect super honest advice, ideas for tuning out the inner critic, and fun ways to playfully push past those voices keeping you stuck and playing small. Leave fired up to live by YOUR rules, embrace what makes you magnificently different, and connect more authentically with people who celebrate the real you.

Day 5 – Now, Let’s Get it Done!

We’ve gotten real, shared stories, and explored ways to improve our self-awareness, authenticity, resilience and more. So, I want to invite you to join me for this crucial closing 90-minute session to answer the question: Now what’s your plan for creating real change? I’ll walk you through making a simple roadmap to keep the momentum going long after you walk out the door. Expect to get clarity on your “why,” pinpoint vital first steps, and brainstorm solutions to potential obstacles. We’ll workshop ideas together, so nobody leaves without a personal action plan. You’ll leave this final workshop feeling focused, and fully equipped to begin your walk into a bold and authentic way of living.


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This Class Is For You If…

  • If you aspire to live and lead boldly and authentically, expressing your true self without fear.

  • If you’re curious about exploring hidden aspects of yourself and want to become more self-aware.
  • If you’re looking for ways to cultivate optimism and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.
  • If you’re interested in embracing self-acceptance and nurturing a kinder relationship with yourself.
  • If you’re ready to create a practical, actionable plan for personal growth and meaningful change.


Dr. Kym A. Harris-Lee

Dr. Kym Harris-Lee is a board-certified executive coach, speaker, and author, known for her strategic and intuitive coaching approach. She has worked as a personal coach in academic programs such as the Kennesaw State University Coles Executive MBA and served as an executive coach for programs like the Emerge Program of Information Technology Sr. Management Forum. Currently, she is part of the coaching team for the McKinsey Black Executive Leadership Development Program.

With a career spanning executive roles in talent and leadership development at organizations like The Home Depot and Cox Enterprises, Dr. Kym brings valuable insights from her experiences. She holds degrees from Rutgers University, Nova Southeastern University, and Argosy University.

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