Using her M.O.R.E.® Mindset coaching methodology, Dr. Kym  guides leaders, executives, and women of color through a coaching experience that reveals the unique qualities and characteristics they possess but may not be leveraging as their super-power. She helps clients understand how they are perceived by others so that they can maximize the positive experience they create in every interaction with direct reports, peers, colleagues and other key stakeholders.

The M.O.R.E.® Mindset coaching methodology is based on four pillars: Maximum Self-Awareness; Optimal Optimism; Rich Relationships; and Empathetic Engagement.

Andy Macke

“My coaching relationship with Dr. Kym has been a tremendous value for me and for my employer. Most immediately, our partnership has contributed to increased employee engagement scores and a deeper understanding between me, my team and my peers. She delivers hard messages in a way that makes them easy to hear. She is patient, while also insisting on accountability to ensure the best outcomes. Her humor, insight, and authenticity are brand qualities that enrich the value and outcomes of our coaching relationship. Dr. Kym has become someone I trust and call on as needed.”

Andy Macke, V.P. External Affairs, Comcast, Atlanta, Georgia

“Dr. Kym Harris-Lee is gifted, authentic and results-driven. She leverages her experiences and wisdom to support executives through deep valleys and treacherous waters. Nearly 3 years ago, as a new C-suite executive (under 40), I had a very steep learning curve. I had to navigate through learning a new industry; taking on functional areas I had no prior experience in; building my senior executive presence; strengthening my boardroom etiquette, and growing beyond functional leadership to prove myself as a business leader. My first 18 months were extremely difficult. However, with Dr. Kym’s guidance, and coaching, I was able to navigate that learning curve, build a high performing team, and gain the confidence of my leader (the CEO), my peers, and the Board. The CEO has recently affirmed me as “CEO material” and within 2½ years has expanded my role to help support various functions of our organization. My learning curve would have taken much longer to climb, and success much longer to attain, had I not had such a phenomenal coach in Dr. Kym! She is a God-send and worth more than her weight in gold!”

Tamika Baker, Chief Strategy Officer, Firstmark Credit Union, San Antonio, Texas

“My company and I identified Dr. Kym as the executive coach best suited to prepare me for a next level promotion. She has been both a sounding board and a strategist for me as I have navigated to a higher-level role offering significantly greater visibility and responsibility. While working with me as a thought partner and trusted advisor, Dr. Kym also facilitated conversations with key executives and members of my team. This unique approach differentiates her as an executive coach and has expanded the value of her contribution beyond me to offer additional insights to others in our organization.”

Tucker Miller, Managing Vice President, Learning Solutions and Consulting, Employment Learning Innovations, Atlanta, Georgia

“What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Kym was her ability to match relevant coaching methods to my particular needs and areas for growth. She does not have a cookie-cutter approach. Her honest feedback and on-target questioning provided me with clear guidance that gave me the confidence to be more accountable for my development as a leader. She was more partner than coach!  It is through my relationship with Dr. Kym that I began to see myself as a leader rather than just someone behind the job title. Her sense of humor added just the right amount of levity to our work together. I’d recommend her without hesitation.”

Deanna Dixon, Dean of Admission, Office of Admission, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts

“It sounds cliché but working with Dr. Kym has been a true pleasure. She is a supportive coach who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is while giving you the tools to improve. Her knowledge, candor and humor helped me challenge myself, get vulnerable, and put in the work needed to become a better leader. Among many takeaways that I’ve learned from her, is that leadership – which can be both extraordinary harrowing and wonderfully rewarding – is an on-going process that I can affect in a positive way each day. I’m better and my team is better having had the opportunity to work with her.”

Robert Davis II, Vice President, Ticket Sales, San Jose Earthquakes, San Jose, California

“Dr.Kym Harris uses her years of experience and training to provide an honest, direct, empathetic, professional and undaunted approach to executive coaching. Her ability to engage me in critical, yet constructive, self-reflection as a leader resulted in tangible positive results. Through my interactions with and leadership tools provided by Dr Harris, I have grown, and continue to grow, in my capacity as an effective leader. She is truly an exemplary executive coach!”

Natalie McKinney, Executive Director, Whole Child Strategies, Inc, Memphis, Tennessee
Tasha Inniss

“Having Dr. Kym as my executive coach has been a transformative experience. She has helped me be intentional and think strategically about all aspects of my life and career. When we began our work together, I was a tenured faculty member in academia. I left that position to assume a leadership role with a federal agency designed to support STEM projects and research. Soon after, I was hired as an inaugural director for a leading international association for professionals in analytics and operations research. Now, I am back at my former institution as Associate Provost for Research. I credit my effectiveness in these positions to the executive coaching I received from Dr. Kym. She takes seriously her craft, does everything in excellence, and has an immense amount of integrity. I have the utmost respect and trust in Dr. Kym.”

Dr. Tasha Inniss, Associate Provost for Research, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia
“Words alone do not describe just how amazing Dr. Kym has been as my coach. She truly has a passion for encouraging, motivating, advising, and challenging her clients to reach their full potential. With her authentic, transparent, and relatable style, she offers practical tactics that work.

Since becoming a client, I’ve been able to build relationships with several senior leaders, which ultimately opened doors to multiple opportunities. By implementing strategies that focused on the areas of collaboration through thought partnership, continuous feedback, and vulnerability (like sharing information that I considered ‘off-limits’ at work) I’ve established stronger partnerships, enhanced my personal brand, and my organization saw record high improvements in agent level survey results.

So, if you are thinking about a coach or looking for a surge in both your career and/or personal life, I’d definitely recommend working w/ Dr. Kym.”

Monica Alexander, Sr. Director, Customer Operations, Charter, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Most successful leaders and individuals make time to assess their current state, evaluate what’s working well and course-correct or pivot where necessary. Your VIP Day is a tune-up intensive. Whether you decide to experience your day in person with Dr. Kym or virtually in the comfort of your home or office; you will reap the benefits of being laser-focused on how to incorporate M.O.R.E.® Mindset behaviors into your professional and leadership repertoire. Your six-hour day combines feedback, self-assessment, introspective exercises and coaching conversations into a practical plan with tools that will distinguish you from others in a meaningful way.

You’ll leave your VIP Day:

  • Clear about how you are perceived by those with whom you interact most frequently.
  • Energized from learning about your unique M.O.R.E.® Mindset strengths.
  • Informed about the values that influence your professional and leadership behaviors.
  • Intentional about the experiences you want to create in your interactions with others.
  • Focused on action strategies that when implemented will signal the shift from great to exceptional leadership.

Six-Month Coaching Experience

Every leader needs a career whisperer – someone they can call on for a planned conversation or real time thought partnership. During this collaborative coaching engagement with Dr. Kym, you will move through the four pillars of the M.O.R.E.® Mindset methodology with a focus on those areas that are most relevant to your work situations. You will leave the six-month experience having implemented strategies in areas that are central to your effectiveness, and with practical tools for sustainable results.
After their M.O.R.E.® Mindset Six-Month coaching clients brag about their ability to:

  • Skillfully manage the perceptions of those with whom they interact most frequently and ensure a positive experience in every interaction.
  • Mindfully implement action strategies for leveraging their unique M.O.R.E.® Mindset strengths.
  • Consistently display clear decision-making, flexible responses to change, and empathetic engagement during conflict.
  • Candidly examine their role in building trust.
  • Masterfully address the essential needs of their team, their leader, and other key stakeholders.
  • Purposefully advance to greater levels of responsibility in their organizations.
Schedule a Call with Dr. Kym to Learn M.O.R.E.®
Schedule a Call with Dr. Kym to Learn M.O.R.E.®

Virtual Group Coaching

The M.O.R.E.® Mindset Group Coaching is a community of individuals interested in giving their career a boost through a virtual three-month development experience. The group becomes a safe and confidential space to share with others while learning from Dr. Kym. You will learn M.O.R.E.® Mindset behaviors that will distinguish you from your peers and colleagues, gain perspective from other group members, and celebrate successes that result from our work together.

What you can expect to take away from your M.O.R.E.® Mindset Group Coaching experience:

  • Clarity about how you are perceived by those with whom you interact most frequently.
  • Knowledge you can apply about your unique M.O.R.E.® Mindset strengths.
  • Behaviors that increase your visibility and build trusting relationships that matter.
  • Tools for increasing your personal level of optimism and resilience for greater self-confidence and risk tolerance.
  • Strategies for gaining a deeper understanding of others and resolving differences.
  • A supportive network of individuals you can trust for sound advice and counsel.

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