An Open Letter to Black Professional Women

What if you could bring “you” – the best version of “you” to work every day? What if your energy was not directed at trying to “fit,” but rather laser-focused on demonstrating, with ease, all that is you on your very best day, every day? What if you were courageous enough to explore work situations differently – taking the lead in setting the tone and exploring uncharted possibilities? If you are already on this path or moving in this direction – what if you could refine your approach for even more success?

While grappling with career challenges and obstacles is not unique to women of color, we sometimes face special challenges, due to the microinequities that are part of our lived experience. These experiences can impact how you “show up.”  It’s a natural response to what feels like a lack of understanding or acceptance. But you cannot become a victim of experiences that signal bias and a lack of awareness. It’s terrain you must navigate – masterfully.

I am passionate about helping women of color take bold action to authentically achieve more visibility, connectivity, influence, and success – without compromise. This requires a deep understanding of yourself and those around you. My value proposition is two-fold. I bring the perspective of someone who has “been there” and I coach from a vantage point of real experience. As a result, I’m able to genuinely acknowledge what you are thinking and feeling.  Secondly, I bring objectivity, which allows us to talk candidly about what it means to be self-aware and in touch with the experiences you create with every interaction.

I understand the opportunities that diversity creates in the workplace. I use my M.O.R.E.® Mindset coaching methodology to put women of color in a power position that draws others in and always leaves them wanting more. We begin the M.O.R.E.® Mindset experience with a question you must be prepared to answer honestly, “How do people experience you?” You leave our coaching partnership with undeniable confidence fueled by increased self-awareness, compelling executive presence, insightful leadership style, and behaviors that distinguish you in positive ways.

It would be my honor to serve as your thought partner and trusted advisor.

Dr. Kym Harris-Lee

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