Project Description

From Life to Lessons

In From Life to Lessons – Living and Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Kym uses her life and career to highlight the importance of balancing strong performance and relationship management.  She begins by sharing a painful confidence shattering career experience and turns it into a lesson about what it means to be emotionally intelligent.  Throughout the book Dr. Kym’s mantra – “competence is more than performance” -provides one example after another of how to discover, develop, and exploit our more.   Through a collection of essays Dr. Kym shares practical strategies and tips for demonstrating emotional intelligence and shows its impact on career growth, leadership effectiveness, and personal relationships.

Although emotional intelligence is often thought of as heavy and academic, Dr. Kym demystifies it through humorous anecdotes, honesty, and thought leadership. This book takes everyday occurrences and turns them into lessons about how to show up self-aware, authentic, and effective. The transparency Dr. Kym demonstrates exemplifies the vulnerability she encourages us all to display in our own journeys toward stronger emotional intelligence.