The Goal of Resilience is to Thrive

If you are familiar with my story, you know that my business is built on an accusation of incompetence and my personal value of resilience.  In case you are not familiar, here is a quick recap.  At a time when I thought my career was on the rise, I was gut punched by feedback from [...]

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Living & Leading by Your Values

When I made the decision to strike out on my own as an Executive Coach, it was scary.  One of my core values is maintaining financial security; and as a single person at the time, I had to assess my ability to maintain my standard of living. As I considered taking such a huge step, [...]

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True Leaders Value Relationships

Whenever my husband or I do or say something silly or aggravating to one another, we respond with, “That’s why you don’t have any friends.”  Truth be told, as a couple we are pretty cocooned by choice, but individually, we each have a small circle of close and trusted friends. Relationships are important and they [...]

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The Mortality of Black Women

This edition of BOLD Authenticity is dedicated to the memories of Angela Fletcher, SPHR, Kara Thompson, and Alexis Balkum, SPHR, MBA This past week we heard about the untimely passing of two university presidents within a week of one another, Joanne A. Epps of Temple University and Dr. Orinthia T. Montague of Volunteer State Community [...]

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It Can Be Lonely at the Top for Women of Color

I recognize the value of community and frequently connect like-minded clients with common interests and challenges to support one another. This practice has resulted in deep trusting relationships beyond the coaching experience. I’ve decided that it is time to create something with more structure and exclusivity. Enter the BOLD Mastermind. What is The BOLD Mastermind? [...]

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Optimism Is a Mindset

When I had a hip replacement three years ago, I was apprehensive. My first concern was the condition of my femur bone as a result of being hit by a car at age 10. I feared it would break while my hip was being disassembled and put back together again. Then there was my concern [...]

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Don’t Forget to Exhale

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve found it necessary to be quite intentional about protecting and caring for my headspace, aka – my mental well-being. There is a lot going on over here.  My brothers and I share the responsibility for my 89-year-old mom, which means we each have the privilege of caring [...]

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