I recognize the value of community and frequently connect like-minded clients with common interests and challenges to support one another. This practice has resulted in deep trusting relationships beyond the coaching experience. I’ve decided that it is time to create something with more structure and exclusivity.

Enter the BOLD Mastermind.

What is The BOLD Mastermind? This mastermind provides its members with a personal cabinet of thought partners. It is a safe space for giving voice to the personal and professional lived experiences of women of color.

Who is the ideal candidate for membership in The BOLD Mastermind? Women of color who are in vice president and c-suite positions. Founder|CEOs with at least $700K in annual revenue, leading teams of 8 or more in multiple work locations.

The Bold MastermindIt is common knowledge that “it is lonely at the top.” This is especially true for women of color because of the lack of representation at the senior levels of most organizations. How many times have you thought, “If I could only talk this through with someone I trust?” Additionally, work-life balance can be acutely slanted away from what is really important to you – time for yourself, your family and other priorities that don’t involve work. There is little time to gain perspective and insight from others about the personal and professional challenges you are facing. Between work and family priorities there is no time to nurture deep connections with like-minded contemporaries.

This trusted community of equals understands the professional and personal experiences that come with career elevation. Members will help you level set, validate, and gain perspective on issues like balancing strategic priorities; navigating spaces and professional relationships as a woman of color; work-life balance; and topics that “feed the soul” like self-care, self-acceptance, and authenticity.

More importantly, this can be a game changing experience for you in that it provides a community where you can partner with other thought leaders; develop mentoring relationships with leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries; and create accountability for your goals and achievements.

If you are interested in learning more about the BOLD Mastermind experience, reserve your seat for the Masterclass on October 19, 2023, from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST.

Would you rather chat before deciding about the Masterclass? Feel free to schedule 30 minutes with me.

Testimonials from clients that have partnered with Dr. Kym

“The experience was amazing. The timing was perfect; I needed it for my self-care. It was a place where I didn’t need to take care of anyone else. I now have sister-friends who will hold me accountable outside of my normal group. It made me realize that I’m not thinking big enough. To see black women who are doing MORE, tells me I can do MORE. The experience is giving me exposure to larger possibilities that I can touch.” T. H., SVP Technology, Consumer Bank and Treasury

“With Dr. Kym’s guidance, and coaching, I was able to navigate the learning curve of a new position, build a high performing team, and gain the confidence of my leader (the CEO), my peers, and the Board. The CEO has recently affirmed me as “CEO material” and expanded my role to help support various functions of our organization. My learning curve would have taken much longer to climb, and success much longer to attain, had I not had such a phenomenal coach in Dr. Kym.” T.B., Chief Risk and Responsibility Officer

“What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Kym was her ability to match relevant coaching methods to my particular needs and areas for growth. She does not have a cookie-cutter approach. Her honest feedback and on-target questioning provided me with clear guidance that gave me the confidence to be more accountable for my development as a leader. She was more of a partner than a coach! Her sense of humor added just the right amount of levity to our work together. I’d recommend her without hesitation.” D.D., Dean of Admission

“Dr. Kym helped me understand, through her executive coaching methods, that my “sweet spot” was significantly broader than what I imagined. She challenged me with uncomfortable assignments, which stretched my belief system, improved relationships with my peers, and left me with new tools to advance my team’s professional development journey at a faster pace. Dr. Kym is a world-class executive coach. Colleagues who were part of our process have continued to use some of the tools and approaches that she used with me in other parts of our organization. That’s impact! I would recommend Dr. Kym to any that might need her help tapping into their true professional magic.” C. T., Head of Global Fan Experience