Leaders often feel compelled to take on a great deal of responsibility to achieve the strategic vision of the organization.  Moving into the new year, try harnessing the power of delegation to lighten the load. Is it possible to assign tasks to your team to help lessen the burden of competing priorities and deadlines? Can you partner with other leaders to identify high potential talent able to take on a stretch assignment or talent that needs exposure or development in a particular area?

I was chatting with another leader recently who expressed frustration with a direct report that was resistant to constructive feedback.  I suggested that he identify a mentor who might be able to address the issue from a different perspective.  This is another way to look at delegation and everyone benefits.  The leader releases himself from the feeling that he must have all the answers, the direct report gets the needed development, and the mentor gets to share experience and wisdom.  Win-Win-Win. Consider talking with members of your immediate peer group and other leaders across the organization about leveraging one another in a way that expands your collaborative efforts, and creates a support system for all of you.