Striking the Optimal Balance for Leadership, Know Your Limits

Set boundaries and leave work at the office. When work continually intrudes on your personal life, quality of life suffers at the expense of your happiness.  Activate your assertiveness skills to address unreasonable workloads (as much as appropriate) and demonstrate flexibility by taking breaks, breaking for lunch, and signing off in the evenings and weekends. Delegate. Harness [...]

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Leverage – Strong Relationships

Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships can have immeasurable returns, in terms of providing a supportive network to buffer the negative effects of stress, and promoting a positive team and corporate culture. When relationships are not as strong as they could be, a leader’s impact on the organization may be marginal. Loyal and trusted colleagues create the [...]

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To Be or Not To Be Independent – Consider the Implications

In the context of emotional intelligence, being independent means that a leader is capable of feeling, thinking, and working on his/her own.  Leaders that exhibit strength in this area welcome or request guidance from others, but usually make the ultimate decision.  They also accept responsibility for their decisions and mistakes, and acknowledge that people will [...]

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Is Assertiveness a Part of Your Brand?

Imagine a line between the words passive and aggressive; assertiveness lives at the midpoint of that line. It is the sweet spot; the place where you work with others by finding the right words at the right time to express your feelings and thoughts. To ensure that you don’t sway too far to the right or the [...]

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