Imagine a line between the words passive and aggressive; assertiveness lives at the midpoint of that line. It is the sweet spot; the place where you work with others by finding the right words at the right time to express your feelings and thoughts.

To ensure that you don’t sway too far to the right or the left of what is optimal for your brand, consider these operating principles.  If you are the quiet type or a self-proclaimed introvert, make a commitment to “give voice” to your ideas. Promise yourself to share at least one idea or insight during a meeting or group discussion. If you are concerned about saying the wrong thing, don’t let your fear prevent you from contributing and demonstrating your value.

For those of you that like to display your “passion” during discussions, what some might describe as aggressive behavior, consider this practice.  If your passion for a topic results in interrupting others during meetings, write your thoughts down and share them when the floor is available.  If you are unable to contain yourself and jump in while someone else is speaking, openly apologize to the interrupted person and be silent until it is your time to speak.