Our Judgments Get in the Way

As much as we all absolutely hate to be judged and evaluated by others, at some point we have all done just that to someone else. Even if we don’t speak the words going through our heads, our thoughts can be felt.  A person’s view of the world may not be the same as yours due to their [...]

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Manage Your Energy

We operate from three forms of energy – physical, emotional, and mental.  Our energy in each of these areas becomes depleted as a result of not getting enough rest (physical energy), pushing the envelope on a project without a break (mental energy), or dealing with the stress that results from perpetual firefighting (emotional energy).  Fast fixes [...]

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Is Assertiveness a Part of Your Brand?

Imagine a line between the words passive and aggressive; assertiveness lives at the midpoint of that line. It is the sweet spot; the place where you work with others by finding the right words at the right time to express your feelings and thoughts. To ensure that you don’t sway too far to the right or the [...]

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Brand Authenticity

Brand is rooted in authenticity. This means that before you can establish your personal brand you must be self-aware, and understand how you relate to the world and how the world relates to you.  You'll know when you're there because your level of self-acceptance will require no affirmation.  Your brand is your trademark.  Every interaction with you sends the [...]

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