Delegate to Develop

Individuals that lead differently understand the responsibility that leaders have for developing their people.  Delegation can be a powerful development tool.  Done well, it garners positive results.  It frees up the leader for more strategic pursuits and contributes to the organization's leadership pipeline. Developmental delegation does, however, require thoughtful planning.  The leader must slow down long enough to [...]

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Texture: Leadership Curiosity

We are all multidimensional. Texture gives our dimensions character. An individual’s texture is created by the things that give them energy, their activities, interests and passions.  Texture is also developed by perspective, which is the result of experience; and emotion, how we respond to our experiences. When others experience our texture, they are getting a [...]

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Leadership Accessibility

The demands of leadership are diverse and can make it challenging to determine what and who gets your time and attention.  However, access to the leader is critical to a team’s success, even when you are leading people who are highly skilled, self-directed, and able to make things happen. I’m reminded of a conversation with a [...]

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