We are all multidimensional. Texture gives our dimensions character. An individual’s texture is created by the things that give them energy, their activities, interests and passions.  Texture is also developed by perspective, which is the result of experience; and emotion, how we respond to our experiences. When others experience our texture, they are getting a real sense of who we are. The extent to which we allow others to “feel” our texture influences how they experience us.

What if you did more to explore the texture of your people? Imagine adding a layer of curiosity to the conversations you have with your direct reports; inquiring with honest wonder about their aspirations and dreams.  What if there were more conversations about how members of your team define success in their roles and in their lives – followed by support that moved them in the desired direction.  Suppose, you created opportunities to take risks by providing new and unique skill building experiences? Imagine an environment in which it was okay to fail as long as learning occurred.

What if you asked yourself, “In what ways do I add to the texture of my people?” “How effectively do I inspire them to be more and excel?”