Confidence – Comfort with Failure

Leaders are not infallible.  Given the scope of their work and the magnitude of their decisions it goes without saying that a few mistakes are inevitable every now and then.  Mistakes, however, should not be used to de-value one’s sense of self-worth. Even the most soundly planned and researched business deals and projects may not succeed. Attitude, perseverance, [...]

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Leadership Approachability

How would you rate your approachability? As you think about your answer, consider the extent to which others would say that you have an "open door" policy.  Visibility and accessibility are components of approachability. People need to know that they can get to you when needed.  Transparency, another aspect of approachability builds trust and vulnerability creates [...]

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Curiosity – The Power of Our Questions

I remember the time a senior leader said something during a small group conversation that motivated me to ask if he had an alter ego. He enthusiastically answered “Yes!”  He then shared that he calls his alter ego Nomar, which is his first name spelled backwards. As he talked about Nomar's persona, we discovered another dimension of [...]

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Our Judgments Get in the Way

As much as we all absolutely hate to be judged and evaluated by others, at some point we have all done just that to someone else. Even if we don’t speak the words going through our heads, our thoughts can be felt.  A person’s view of the world may not be the same as yours due to their [...]

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Delegate to Develop

Individuals that lead differently understand the responsibility that leaders have for developing their people.  Delegation can be a powerful development tool.  Done well, it garners positive results.  It frees up the leader for more strategic pursuits and contributes to the organization's leadership pipeline. Developmental delegation does, however, require thoughtful planning.  The leader must slow down long enough to [...]

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Lead Differently – Seek to Understand

Empathy is a key component of every leader’s emotional intelligence.  Covey calls it “seeking to understand.”  Imagine how different you would lead if you took time to gain the perspective of your boss, a peer, co-worker, or direct report. Some confuse empathy with agreement, but understanding does not require agreement.   It does require consideration.  The [...]

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Lead Differently – Focus on Personal Relationships

The quality of a leader’s personal relationships (with family and friends) is indicative of his/her ability to form professional relationships that drive team performance, and stimulate collaboration and innovation among peers, key stakeholders, and co-workers. As you read this article, think about a personal relationship that requires your attention or needs healing.  What is a [...]

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Compassion: The Heart of Leadership

When leaders demonstrate compassion, they understand the wants and needs of their people and feel motivated to act on their feelings.  Compassion is empathy and caring in action. Empathy begins with curiosity about other people and their experiences; and leadership effectiveness is heighten when leaders work to understand other people without bias.  The business case [...]

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Increased Visibility Builds Relationships and Increases Your Airtime

As we move into the end of the fourth quarter, it’s easy to become laser focused on what needs to be accomplished by year end.  While all of this is important, remember to balance the work with relationship building.  Remaining conscious of this balance will ensure that you are visible across the organization and create opportunities [...]

Increased Visibility Builds Relationships and Increases Your Airtime2018-01-05T22:08:36-05:00

How Empathetic Are You?

Empathy is an important aspect of relationship building. One’s ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate the way others feel is a core emotional intelligence skill.  Empathy sits at the heart of all effective relationships.  When you know a colleague at a personal level you will better understand what impacts their emotions and be in a better [...]

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