How Does Stress Affect Your Objectivity?

Under times of stress you may rely less on your objectivity and fall victim to fearing the worse or you could swing to the other extreme and take a rose-colored glasses approach. If you worry about catastrophes, remember that sometimes the best actions involve risks. Don’t be limited by worst-case scenarios that may never occur. [...]

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Control Your Impulses – Think Before You Act

Impulse Control is the ability to show restraint in the face of impulses and temptations to act.  Leaders with high impulse control think before acting, which puts people at ease and promotes a feeling that the leader’s behavior and mood are easily predictable. This results in open and honest communication. Leaders with strong impulse control remain [...]

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Be Kind to Yourself

When pressure mounts, leaders often focus their priority on achievement and neglect their well-being. Be kind to yourself. Use meditation and exercise to boost your stress tolerance and your optimism.  Both will help you focus, manage your energy, and handle competing priorities. I often recommend the CALM app, which provides guided mediation sessions in as [...]

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Keep Work in Perspective

Work is an essential component for leaders in every organization.  However, work should not consistently over shadow other aspects of a leader's life. We are only capable of taking on so much before physical and emotional resources are depleted. The more responsibility a leader shoulders the more important it is to pay attention to one's emotional reactions to daily [...]

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Avoid the Sacrifice Syndrome – Make Time for Renewal

When leaders sacrifice themselves continuously to their jobs they can become trapped in what is known as the Sacrifice Syndrome.  The Sacrifice Syndrome is the result of heavy responsibilities, the perpetual need to influence, and the pressure to get results.  Sacrifice leads to Power Stress, a unique blend of stress that results from constant involvement [...]

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