When pressure mounts, leaders often focus their priority on achievement and neglect their well-being. Be kind to yourself. Use meditation and exercise to boost your stress tolerance and your optimism.  Both will help you focus, manage your energy, and handle competing priorities. I often recommend the CALM app, which provides guided mediation sessions in as little time as two minutes.

Leaders that do not have hobbies or extra-curricular activities that allow them to “unplug” are not well-rounded. The inability to disconnect from time to time can prevent a holistic or alternative view of the organization. The best ideas and solutions often come when we are not engaged in the situation or problem.  Identify your interests and ensure that you engage in them regularly.

Finally, when work continually intrudes on a leader’s personal life, quality of life suffers and happiness is sacrificed. Be clear about your personal priorities and give yourself permission to act on that clarity.