Competence is More Than Performance, Demonstrate Authenticity

The more exposure people have to different aspects of your personality, the more they will understand you.  In the absence of information, people will create their own stories.  It is hard as hell to deconstruct an inaccurate perception.  Manage perceptions by freely sharing who you are... with boundaries.

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Balance Confidence with Relatability

Confident leaders maintain a full and honest view of their strengths and limitations. It is this balanced view that fuels their self-confidence.  They lead with their strengths and delegate tasks that can be accomplished more effectively by others.  They exercise considerable influence on strategic decisions, serve as role models, and demonstrate the courage to stick by their [...]

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Leverage – Strong Relationships

Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships can have immeasurable returns, in terms of providing a supportive network to buffer the negative effects of stress, and promoting a positive team and corporate culture. When relationships are not as strong as they could be, a leader’s impact on the organization may be marginal. Loyal and trusted colleagues create the [...]

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Practice Realistic Optimism

Ideally, optimism is rooted in rational thought and logic.  As you move into the New Year with positive thoughts about what's possible, check to ensure that your optimism is appropriately grounded. Consider asking for feedback on your goals to ensure that they are realistic; reflect on past successes and the strategies you used to achieve [...]

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Be Kind to Yourself

When pressure mounts, leaders often focus their priority on achievement and neglect their well-being. Be kind to yourself. Use meditation and exercise to boost your stress tolerance and your optimism.  Both will help you focus, manage your energy, and handle competing priorities. I often recommend the CALM app, which provides guided mediation sessions in as [...]

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Compassion: The Heart of Leadership

When leaders demonstrate compassion, they understand the wants and needs of their people and feel motivated to act on their feelings.  Compassion is empathy and caring in action. Empathy begins with curiosity about other people and their experiences; and leadership effectiveness is heighten when leaders work to understand other people without bias.  The business case [...]

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Is Assertiveness a Part of Your Brand?

Imagine a line between the words passive and aggressive; assertiveness lives at the midpoint of that line. It is the sweet spot; the place where you work with others by finding the right words at the right time to express your feelings and thoughts. To ensure that you don’t sway too far to the right or the [...]

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Brand Authenticity

Brand is rooted in authenticity. This means that before you can establish your personal brand you must be self-aware, and understand how you relate to the world and how the world relates to you.  You'll know when you're there because your level of self-acceptance will require no affirmation.  Your brand is your trademark.  Every interaction with you sends the [...]

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