Increased Visibility Builds Relationships and Increases Your Airtime

As we move into the end of the fourth quarter, it’s easy to become laser focused on what needs to be accomplished by year end.  While all of this is important, remember to balance the work with relationship building.  Remaining conscious of this balance will ensure that you are visible across the organization and create opportunities [...]

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How Empathetic Are You?

Empathy is an important aspect of relationship building. One’s ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate the way others feel is a core emotional intelligence skill.  Empathy sits at the heart of all effective relationships.  When you know a colleague at a personal level you will better understand what impacts their emotions and be in a better [...]

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Texture: Leadership Curiosity

We are all multidimensional. Texture gives our dimensions character. An individual’s texture is created by the things that give them energy, their activities, interests and passions.  Texture is also developed by perspective, which is the result of experience; and emotion, how we respond to our experiences. When others experience our texture, they are getting a [...]

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Social Responsibility Begins at Home ~ With Your Team

Success as a leader requires the ability to help each member of the team perform at their absolute best. It goes without saying that a focus on team performance will increase individual and team potential.  It will also allow you – the leader – to guide your team toward enhanced outcomes and greater levels of performance [...]

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