Success as a leader requires the ability to help each member of the team perform at their absolute best. It goes without saying that a focus on team performance will increase individual and team potential.  It will also allow you – the leader – to guide your team toward enhanced outcomes and greater levels of performance and engagement.

Consider this approach to help get you started. Create a three column matrix.  In the first column, list the names of each direct report. Move to the second column and jot down the ways in which you currently provide support to each person.  Now reflect on “What else can I do?”  Jot your thoughts in the last column.  A few examples might include consistent individual 1-1 updates, more informal feedback, clearer expectations, increased accountability, or the delegation of more challenging work for development purposes.

No doubt, this will require more of your time, but the net result will be greater levels of engagement, an enhanced talent pipeline, and significant organizational impact.