A team that works collaboratively works like a well-oiled machine.  Interdependent relationships are enhanced, communication is heightened, and accountability is high.  As your team’s leader, what have you done lately to promote cooperation within the team?  If you haven’t given it much thought here are three suggestions:

  1. Conduct update meetings that help team members understand each others’ roles and needs.  This will help promote an environment of information sharing.
  2. Ask your team what other teams in the organization may need from them. Putting themselves in the shoes of others is an act of empathy that will enhance cross functional relationships.
  3. Look for ways to incorporate community support activities into your team.  Carve out time for team activities like Habitat for Humanity, participation in a school career day, or food/clothing drives for those less fortunate.

These are just a few thoughts for building community within and across teams.  Consider the value of having a team discussion to add to the list.